5 Steps to Groom your Cat

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Cats love their grooming sessions and while they are quite good at grooming themselves, sometimes they do need some help. Just like in dogs, grooming is an essential part of a cat’s routine and it helps to keep your beloved feline healthy and happy.

Cats are known to have therapeutic benefits and people who have lived with the balls of fur know how great the experience could be. However, to live with your beloved cat, you will need to get a genuine ESA letter. To get the letter, make sure that you work with a licensed therapist to get the real thing.

  1. Make your Kitty Comfortable

Before beginning with the session, it is important that you make sure that your cat is comfortable with all the handling and grooming. Unlike dogs that are usually quite cooperative, cats may fuss about all the process.

Start slow and brief and build up over time. The frequency of grooming depends on the health and natural state of your cat. Cats with long and thick fur need more brushing than a shorthaired cat. Senior cats will need more help than adult cats.

Similarly, both outdoor and indoor cats different kinds of grooming and you should consider all the factors when starting with the sessions. You can check an ESA letter for housing online before getting one for yourself.

  1. Brush your Cat’s Hair and Coat

Regular brushing is the main part of your cat’s grooming sessions. Cats and dogs are prone to losing hair and without proper and regular brushing, this loose hair often lands on the house’s carpet and furniture. Brushing keeps both your house and cat clean.

The frequency of brushing also depends on the length of your cat’s hair. Long-haired cats need more frequent brushing while shorthaired cats may not need it that much. When brushing, make sure that you focus on the areas that are difficult for your cat to reach.

Brushing will remove any tangles in the hair, dead hair and dirt and keep the coat smooth and shiny. It will help to distribute natural oils throughout your cat’s hair and skin and keep it healthy and supple.

  1. Check for any Skin Allergies or Problems

Like us, animals are also prone to different health problems. Grooming is an ideal time to check if your cat has any topical allergies or health problems. When running your hands in the fur, look for any lesions, sores, redness and swelling and other symptoms of skin issues. Your emotional support dog letter proves that if you’re suffering from emotional or mental disability then your ESA aids will treat that disability.

Notice the condition of your cat’s coat also. Dull coast could mean a number of things like age factor, arthritis, skin problems, inadequate diet, skin infections, improper working of the thyroid and weight issues.

If youi notice any such thing, take your cat to the veterinarian for a detailed checkup.

  1. Check the Ears and Nails Properly

Cats and dogs are exposed to ear and nails infections more than any other issues. When grooming your cat, check the ears and nails properly and make sure that they are normal and healthy. When checking the ears, see that the insides are dry or moist, if it has any abnormal secretion or of your cat scratches its ears.

Other than ears, your cat’s nails are also important. Many ESA cat owners make the mistake of avoiding their kitty’s paws and nails. Do not try to declaw your cat, it will only do her harm but trim the nails only. Get a good quality cat nails clipper and cut it to the point where it begins to curl. Gbe careful and do not overcut.

  1. Bring in the Professional Groomer

Professional dog and cat groomers know more than us as it is a part of their job and they do it for a living. You can groom your cat at home but still if you have any doubts or are scared that you might not be able to do everything properly then consulting a professional is a better idea.

They are efficient and will do everything without causing any harm to your cat. Grooming for your cat is important but you should make sure that you do not harm kitty in the process.

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